Warren Whitlock Advising Bolttcoin

Warren Whitlock Advising Bolttcoin.

Boltt is creating a social health gamification platform and an entire ecosystem around it that aims to motivate people to maintain their physical activity in a unique approach. Boltt rewards people with BolttCoins for taking steps and achieving their health targets; Boltt introduces a gamified social interface that makes physical activity fun and addictive for the users. This motivates people and induces behavioral changes in lifestyles to ultimately reach their health and fitness goals. In addition, gamification and social aspects leverage people’s inherent desires for status and achievement.  

Founded in 2015, Boltt is an end-to-end tech solution provider that improves health of the users by incentivizing them with reward tokens, leveraging blockchain and health gamification. Today, Boltt is considered as one of the leading Mobile Health Tech Companies in the field of wearable tech & gamified health apps.

Boltt is now launching a Social Health Gamification Platform, which rewards users with a cryptocurrency called BolttCoins based on the users’ physical activity or health data. BolttCoins can be used to purchase goods and services across a large partner ecosystem. They can also be used as a tool of engagement and loyalty and can be linked to existing loyalty programs of retailers, brands, and service providers. In addition, BolttCoins can be offered in the form of policy discounts by health insurance companies. Boltt Coin has a mass application across industries and consumers-corporates, retailers, insurance, gyms, brands, celebrities healthcare etc.Health is a concern for everyone and there is an inherent appeal to the masses for the same. 

All transactions in the Boltt ecosystem happen on the BLOCKCHAIN via the distributed ledger technology and are completely safe, secure, and transparent.By leveraging the power of the Blockchain Boltt is able to offer gratification in a secure unbiased manner, increase seamless engagement and stronger monetization methods.

Boltt has tied up with several large and well-known partners that, in their essence, are the world’s most significant corporate entities & celebrities.

It has a network of 25K retailers who have listed more than 1 Mn products on the platform, to be sold with Boltt Coins. 

Boltt is on a mission to continuously motivate people to encourage them to be more active and keep alive their desires for a healthier lifestyle. Boltt is leveraging the vast possibilities of technology to support people who practice an active lifestyle for health, fitness, and wellbeing.

With a locked supply and unlimited potential demand, the value of the Boltt Token is expected to grow exponentially. 

Company Website : https://bolttcoin.io/