Mobile Mining is SO COOL. – Ivan Likov of Blockchain interview.

Ivan Likov explains to .Warren Whitlock of Coinhash how allows billions of mobile users to participate in a mobile-only mining system.

Use a free app called Phoneum to mine crypto on a mobile device. Cryptocurrencies are no longer limited to high power machines with expensive energy requirement. Phoneum brings mining to the masses.

Phoneum is set to launch their mobile-only cryptocurrency and bring mining to the masses, utilizing their proprietary algorithm to monitor and regulate mobile device sensors while ensuring low power consumption easy-to-use mining, and transparent e-transactions

ICO coming for mining on phone app

When I first heard about mining on smartphones, I was almost certain it was some kind of scam. 

I was WRONG!

I thought mining was just a lot of hardware horsepower doing hard math. The guys at Phoneum set me straight. I signed on as an advisor and have watched the Alpha community explode with activity during the initial limited rollout. 

Here’s an intro one page from Phoneum. More at