ICO solves industry problems with cryptocurrency

I’m getting even more excited about PodOne and their QBE tokens.

PodOne just went into it’s Pre-ICO this week so it’s a great time to look at it’s potential.

I am an advisor to PodOne, so I’m doing my best to steer clear of telling you to buy QBE. You can find out about that at the PodOne website, where you will find the proper documentation and explanations, along with a new audit report on QBE. 

Call Centers Are Dying

Before I first met Marlon Williams, founder of PodOne, I thought call centers were disappearing and old technology.

I was right, but I also was very wrong. It’s just the old notion of a call center that is dying.

The traditional call centers that we all know and hate, answering phone call after long delays and talking to people who’d rather not talk to you, are DYING… replaced with modern contact centers using networked software capabilities. These contact center use state of the art cross channel communications media to integrate all channels to direct the calls, electronic messages and social media to the most helpful rep, inside the company, outsourced, or sitting at their homes anywhere in the world.

Marlon explained that there are 1.2 million call/contact centers today and growing. He calls them contact centers because they do more than just phone calls now.

PodOne and Fenero Allow Better Contact Centers for the Future

He also explained how software, like the services from his company Fenero, allows these centers to expand quickly to meet demand, without capital costs for hardware and onsite software. 

Doing so allows companies to:

  1. Eliminate the 25% labor waste that comes from having to project the number of people needed at any time.
  2. Allow workers flexible schedules, locations and access.
  3. Switch calls to people with the proper knowledge, experience and language capabilities to handle issues.

PodOne Connect Skilled Labor with the Best Contact Center

PodOne is being constructed as a labor market resource. Companies will be able to hire the best talent, pay well for less time used and add immesnely to customer satisfaction. 

QBE tokens will be the currency of Podone, allowing transactions anywhere in the world for 1.2 million centers and their workers.. making possible the contact center of the future.

Learn more about PodOne at http://podone.io