Startup is changing the way we trade online

I advise several startups and Bazista is one of them. What I write here is my own opinion. You can read more about Bazista and why their token sale is worth looking at by visiting

In the short time I’ve been associated with Bazista, I’ve been impressed with their work on the current ICO, but more impressed by the company they are building.

It’s an ambitious goal. They are potentially disrupting the way we do e-commerce. 

Bazista won’t be putting the multi-billion dollar competitors out of business anytime soon and quite likely those players will adapt to move away from dependence on fiat currency. 

Where Bazista really shines is it’s ability to allow trading down to the the unbanked and barely connected parts of the world. They will be able to lower retail distribution markups and the friction of complex distribution systems. With lower transaction costs, security of smart contracts and ability to reach anywhere someone it connected, Bazita will empower billions of people when they want to buy or sell online. 

Without a middle man. 

A grand goal. Early work out of their development team looks like they will do it.  

I won’t try to convince you of the ROI for traders or potential value of the ICO tokens. That’s in their white paper if you need it. What I AM here to tell you. There is a lot of good that can be done by Bazista and other startups who bypass institutions that have benefited the 1st world and been a hurdle for others. 

Fixing this means a brighter future of billions. 

That excites me.