Coming Soon: Get Your Undergrad in Cryptocurrency at NYU

NYU is ahead of the collegiate game when it comes to financial education. It was the first major US academic institution to offer a cryptocurrency course back in 2014, and now, it plans to offer a new option for undergraduates, as NYU professor David Yermack shared with the Financial Times.

The course is becoming something of a bullish offering already, with 300 grad students expected to apply next year. 

Challenges include keeping up with rapid developments and finding knowledgeable faculty. 

Professor Yermack says they will be ready to adapt: “Year over year we’ll change well over half the course material. It keeps you young to be reading half the night just to keep up with the test innovations.”

But you don’t necessarily have to attend NYU to become well-versed. Much of the material is found freely online, and if you want an Ivy League school credit, search out Princeton’s ‘Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Technologies’ course on Coursera.