Tokenized Hives with Honey Payouts, Beehive: what’s not to like!

Tokenized Hives

It’s a simple idea. Build an apiary by selling tokens, each of which denotes ownership of part of a hive. When a buyer has enough tokens, they actually ‘own’ a hive – based in Romania – that is fully managed for them. Hive owners receive periodic payouts of honey, posted to their home address, all paid for by the profit margins the beekeepers enjoy, thanks to being able to operate at scale. (Alternatively, token holders can receive a cash equivalent in crypto.) Tokens trade on the open market and so hives can be transferred to new owners, with administration through the Beehive platform. This kind of use case would be virtually impossible without blockchain and an internet community underpinning it.

Tokenized Honey

It’s a fun but serious project, since these are professional beekeepers with an eye to the long term. The driving force behind Beehive is that bees are under threat from human pollution and farming methods, but they are absolutely essential to our environment and current way of life. The team are tech-savvy, using all kinds of sensors and software, not only to ensure the wellbeing of their hives but to report to their token holders and provide the maximum possible transparency. 

The Beehive team are expanding their project, with applications for EU grants and new features being added to the platform. At this point, they are targeting 2,000 hives.

Beehive is one of those rare gems in crypto: a legitimate case for tokenized  that delivered immediately, and is run with competence and transparency. At present, crypto adoption is driven by the big platforms and speculation so we wanted to take a moment to focus on this little known use case. The returns are far more tangible and enjoyable than many other projects. As crypto matures, we can only hope to see more like this.


AI Personal PERSONAL Assistant – Meet Peter Voss of

We know AI is improving. So let’s look at where an investment in AI and Blockchain technology might pay off big.

This conversation with Peter Voss of is a great place to start. A scientist who has founded a startup to make personal assistants personal.

Imaging Siri, Alexa, etc actually learning so they do what you want!  Every time I get a chance to chat with Peter, my mind expands with ideas about a future when artificial intelligence really works in our everyday lives.

And right now, there’s a token sale. Learn more at


Start up Addresses the Gig Economy

GigApp is a new company tackling an issue before it gets out of hand.

The future is going to have a lot more gigs instead of jobs, and we can use blockchain to make sure buyers get a good price and gigers get paid well for their gigs. 

This sort of decentralized disintermediation is where I see the most leverage, so I’ve signed on as an advisor. 

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GigApp, LLC Announces Launch of

Chicago, IL (February 15, 2018) – GigApp, LLC has announced the launch of (a US
based project) that plans to transform the global marketplace by creating a decentralized
platform where users can buy and sell products or services with Gigcoin. GigApp will take
advantage of NEO smart contracts and the reward system to provide users with a truly
decentralized and autonomous marketplace.

GigApp will implement a system that will reward users for their contribution in its
marketplace’s social network and arbitration process. Unlike any other blockchain based
app/project, GigApp’s reward pool has a replenishment function built in which ensures that the
users are always rewarded.

Smart contract implementation in a marketplace allows for an escrow model to be build into
the application to create a secure transaction that is distributed autonomously upon agreement
of both customer and seller/provider.

For more information:

Contact: Marat Zalov
Phone: (630) 220-8541